Ceramic Coating: We break it down for you

car ceramic coating

Get ready to separate the facts from fiction, because ceramic coating is about to get the skeptical treatment it deserves! We’re here to give you all the juicy details – no punches pulled.

Let’s start by breaking down ceramic coating into simple terms. Ceramic coatings are a type of automotive paint protection solution that helps guard against scratches, swirl marks and small stones chipping off your car’s paint job. They also act as a barrier for UV rays and chemical contaminants which can discolor and damage your car over time.

But ceramic coatings aren’t just another passing fad; they have been around for decades in various forms. While waxing may seem like an attractive alternative due to its lower price tag, ceramic coatings offer superior protection and durability. In fact, a single ceramic coating can last up to five years whereas waxing may need to be reapplied every three months!

For those looking for the ultimate in paint protection, ceramic coating combined with paint protection film (PPF) is an unbeatable combination. Many experts recommend it due to its unparalleled ability to protect your car’s paint job from all kinds of harm including stone chips, minor scratches and harsh UV rays. The added convenience of not having to constantly wax or polish your car makes ceramic coating seem like a no-brainer for many car owners!

So does ceramic coating really work? We think the answer is yes – ceramic coatings offer superior protection and durability compared to waxing or polishing, and when combined with PPF it’s simply unbeatable. While ceramic coating might seem pricey at first, its long-term savings make it well worth the investment. So what are you waiting for? Contact Real Tint on 0413 177 419 to find out more details about ceramic coated today!

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