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Real Tint Window Tinting Melbourne has incorporated a complete quality control system for car window tinting that has been perfected over many years. This has resulted in an auto window tint finish that surpasses all others. At no extra cost to you we always provide:

tinting benefits

There are a number of benefits when it comes to getting your car windows tinted. Car window tinting will install Architectural window film, Non reflective window film or Dual reflection window film, or Heat rejection window film, which will reduce the sun’s glare and improve fuel efficiency, while reducing the use of air conditioning. Tinted windows offer an increased sense of security when you’re away from your vehicle. Window film reduces visibility from the outside, therefore lowering the risk of theft.


Blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultra violet (UV) rays, tinting will keep you cool & minimize sun and headlight glare to help reduce the fatigue on your eyes.


Our films are designed not to shatter. So you, your family and the contents of your car are safe in the event of an accident from the risk of flying glass. 


Tinting will protect your property from thieves. Car thefts are normally carried out by opportunists who will expect the window to smash and fall into the car.


Auto tints will keep out those inquisitive eyes so you and your belongings will be safer, while still allowing the driver to clearly see out. 

Tinting Generator

ceramic technology

Unlike other films, it is not made of metal, nor is the film dyed to be a darker shade. This means that this film is both non-metal and does not conduct. Instead, the film is imbued with small, ceramic-based nanoparticles. Since these particles are so small, they are actually not visible to the naked eye. As a result, you have a window film that is completely clear, allowing a greater level of visibility both during the day and the night. It is tougher and more durable.

Infreared Heat Technology

ceramic 5%
maximum limo

Giving you a combination of privacy and security. Our films won’t interfere with mobile phone, GPS or satellite radio reception and block almost all UVA and UVB rays.

ceramic 20%
the ultimate in style

Looks great, compliments most vehicle colors and will stand the test of time. Color stable, meaning that it retains pigment integrity and never fades. 

ceramic 35%
subtle and classy

Sophisticated good looks for a sleek, neutral appearance. Reduces reliance on air conditioning and helps to reduce fuel consumption. 

ceramic 50%
extra light & elegant

Crystal clear optics with low reflection. Providing you with good heat rejection while giving you a clear view from your windows day & night.

Carbon technology

5% Carbon

5% tint is the darkest shade and only allows 5% of the light through – it will give you extreme privacy but it will also reduce your visibility. 

20% Carbon

This is our most popular shade and it looks quite dark.  In most cases you can just see silhouettes through the film. Great for privacy and for kids to be able to see games or TV consoles in the back.

35% Carbon

This allows 35% of light through – it’s still quite subtle and you can just about see through the windows into the car.

50% Carbon
light & bright.

Performance 50% is very subtle and great for people just wanting to take the edge off the bright light.


You can enjoy by having your car tinted today


If there is absolutely one thing every car owner wants, it’s to protect their investment.


If you want to spare yourself & your passengers the sun’s wrath, adding window tint is the best solution.


Road trips are fun minus the fact that the sun beams through the car windows making it uncomfortable.


Maintain a level of privacy and security whether you’re sat in traffic or leaving your vehicle unattended.


Together with all the other benefits of tinting, safer driving more likely with window tinting.

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