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Our commercial window tinting services aren’t only for the exterior of your building. Window film can also create spectacular effects for the interior. You could choose a decorative film design to create extra privacy for desk dividers or in boardrooms.

Tinting your commercial property saves you money on your energy bills and provides a measurable level of comfort and aesthetics.

You will also enjoy:

outstanding benefits

There are a variety of shades to choose from including colours to match the external look of your building. Some films provide better heat reduction while others create a more private environment. Depending on your needs, there’s a window film that will work for you.


Direct sunlight can be a big problem for shop front displays. Normal glazing will allow sunlight, damaging UV rays and heat to pass through windows.


When disaster strikes, your windows can take a beating by shattering into dangerous shards of glass! Window film will protect you and your property. 


Privacy film can transform glass into a translucent or an opaque surface. A cost-effective alternative to replacing existing glazing. 


Window film manifestation look stylish and is the most cost efficient way to ensure glass doors are marked appropriately for the legal requirements.

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